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Proofreading and Editing

We offer a confidential proofreading and editing service. Our team includes an English language specialist with more than eighteen years of experience in the academic world. We can review your work for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors and, by pointing out areas where the language isn’t clear, we can help you to polish your work.


Dissertations and essays


Personal statements

Job Applications

Although we do not check the academic content of your work, we will suggest ways of improving your writing, if necessary, so that your work is more fairly judged.


We do not condone plagiarism of any kind. We believe that students’ work should be their own; we simply help you to achieve your true potential. Universities allow, and many actively encourage, a third party to proofread a student’s document, but please check your university’s proofreading policy.

Developing Independence

By working with just one proofreader throughout the duration of your studies, especially one with experience of teaching English language, repeated mistakes can be highlighted and you can work on them for your next piece of work. This may eventually help you to write more confidently and independently of a proofreader.

Be confident that small errors won’t let you down.

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