Academic Proofreading Fees

Dissertations and Essays

The fees for academic proofreading will vary according to the level of editing required. It can be difficult to give a realistic estimate of how long a job might take, especially before having sight of the material. Therefore, the rate for the first 500 words will be £0.01 per word (i.e. £5), at which point the fee for the entire job will be quoted. The total price will not exceed £0.03 per word after the initial 500 words. Therefore, the cost for a 2000 word document will be between £20 and £50.

Personal Statements and Application Letters

An hourly rate of £20 is applied for specific documents such as personal statements and application letters. The time needed will be dependent on the level of editing required. A basic proofread and minor tweak would usually be achieved in an hour, but more extensive editing would require more time. A quote will be given after the document has been received but before work starts.